Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot Repair

Wood Rot can come up as a nasty surprise. Since the plywood in your home is located beneath the shingles, ice and water shields, and other barriers of protection, it is hard to determine the state of the plywood until the roof is opened for a repair or replacement.

When wood rot is left untreated, it can spread and eventually lead to more damage to your roof and safety. It is always critical to take action and replace the damage before putting on new shingles.


  • Underside of roof decking
  • Roof Framing
  • Fascia(where gutters are attached at the trim)
  • Rake Boards(trim on the gable, usually at ends of a roof)
  • Exterior Windows


There are many factors that can cause wood to rot, however, there are ways to prevent this problem and mitigate the risk to your home.

  • Roof ventilation: Every single roof needs a proper ventilation system. This expels water vapor that builds in your home and helps maintain the moisture accumulation around your roof at safe levels. Ridge vents, box vents and soffits are the ventilation systems that maintain the air flow of most homes and reduce the humidity in your home and lower the moisture content.
  • Roof Damage in other areas: The main cause of root rot is water getting in through the layers of your roof. If you have a roof that has missing, torn or cracked shingles, then the roof is not properly protecting the interior materials and water is getting in. It is essential to maintain a roof and arrange the necessary repairs in order to limit the risks of wood rot and roof leaks.
  • Gutters being misaligned or clogged: A proper water system is essential for every home. If water sits for too long in one place, it can cause some damage. Proper cleaning and maintaining your gutters ensures that water from rain storms flows away from your home.

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Linda Green