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Want an affordable alternative for your exterior home projects? Turn to us in the Avon area! Avon is part of the Indianapolis metropolitan area, with a population of 22,860 and counting. As such, more homeowners are purchasing homes and needing exterior services.

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If you notice that there are some issues with your roof home exterior in Avon, Indiana then turn to the A+ accredited BBB company, Oscar Roofing for help. Our company has been servicing Avon since 2003 and helping thousands of residential customers with their roofing concerns. Additionally, our team has 100+ years of combined experience in roof repairs, replacements and more.

If you are in need of roofer services, make sure to call Oscar Roofing for a free quote. Fill out our contact form or give us a call! Do not let your roof become a bigger issue! Trust in the best exterior local roofing company around.

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Roofers in Avon, IN

Your home is in good hands with us. Our expertise and wide knowledge of the general contractor and roofing industry has placed us as one of the most trusted companies around Fishers for many years now. Additionally, we have our A+ Better Business Bureau standing since our inception, have our Owens Corning Preferred Contractor badge and over 100 plus years of combined exterior remodeling experience, making us the safest choice around Indiana.

No matter the project scope, from residential to commercial buildings and services, we have your back. Reach out to us for a swift response and the best customer care around.


Our professional teams are from all over Indiana, some even live in Avon. Every member in our team is trained to the highest expertise and can handle all types of different roof repairs. Big or small, we do it all.

While repairs can be tricky, because finding where the source of water entry is coming from, some residential customers might have called two or even three different roofers. When you contact us, your search for an answer stops! Our roofers are able to do anything that is necessary in order to determine the source of the leak. We do water tests, can replace a couple, corners and even half of the roof shingles. We also inspect the chimney and valleys, as these are hot spot areas for leaks.

With our long expertise, we can find the answers to your home issues.

Your roof is the main home component that protects you and your home, therefore, it’s essential to have it in shape. With our inspections, we are able to determine if your roof can be repaired or if it needs further services. Our inspectors are transparent and can advise on your project. This is our main goal, to make sure that the customer knows their options and what is the best course for their home.

We are able to provide the leading materials in the roofing market. Whether you pick asphalt, metal, slate, flat or other type of roof material, we got you covered. Let us know which material or materials you are interested in during your initial inspection and we can provide all the information necessary to bring your project to life at a great price.

Avon Siding Services

Our Siding services are top notch, since 2003, we have been providing exterior services and renovations throughout Indiana, both for residential and commercial buildings. From the very first time you make contact with us until the end, you will see the difference in services and attention. We work with the best, top-rated materials and products in the market and every crew member in our Avon teams are trained to install specific materials to the best of their ability. Plus, our customer service teams are some of the best! They make sure to provide all necessary information and go above and beyond to provide updates and important information as soon as they can.

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Siding Repair Services

Sometimes you don’t need a full service replacement, if you see some or few signs of damage, repairing these siding pieces can be enough.

Look for some of these signs of damage, including: warping, chip, loose siding, fading color, bent pieces, etc.

Our siding inspectors are able to provide additional information during the inspection, and point out the signs of damage. If a repair is enough to get the siding back to great shape, then we are able to let you know as such and get right to the repair. However, if a replacement is the more suitable option, we alert you of this option as well. In the end, we want to provide the best decision for your home.

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Best Roofing Contractor

For this section, we want to focus on vinyl sidings, their pros and cons and if they’re a good option for customers.While you may think that vinyl can be thin and easy to remove with strong winds or over time, the vinyl siding we work with and install is a reliable product that stays in place and won’t lose its gloss color. Plus, it comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for extreme cases. Lastly, vinyl siding is a more economical choice when it comes to installation prices. All these benefits are great for people who have a more strict budget but still want a new installation. Ask us for vinyl color options that are available in Avon.

A great siding option when you’re looking for something durable, that you won’t have to worry about for many years is fiber cement siding. Fiber cement is one of the thickest, most durable materials available, which will not break unless there’s extreme weather fluctuations. And while this sounds like it won’t be aesthetically pleasing, you don’t have to worry about that! Fiber cement nowadays comes in different shapes and sizes, from a wooden gloss that resembles real wood, to contemporary textures and architectural looks. There are all types of looks that can complement your home.

Fiber Cement Prices

A drawback of fiber cement installations is its pricing. Since this material is so durable, it can be costly. The installation budget is another pricing item that adds substantially to the price. Since this material requires more expertise, tools and equipment in order to install it. As you can tell, fiber cement is a pricier option but only up front, the main benefit of the material is that, once installed, it’s there for life. Making it the perfect choice for people who don’t want to deal with the hassle of upkeep their homes every couple of years. It does not wrap, caulk or break and it’s impertinent to mold and moisture. Meaning you won’t have to worry about replacing your siding years later. Maintenance is necessary to upkeep the integrity of your fiber cement siding, but it’s necessary for all types of exterior home products.

Insulated siding is the best option for Avon homes, especially during winter months when the temperatures drop extremely and electricity bills start to increase in price. By adding insulation siding to your homes, the temperatures in your home can be maintained more easily. An example of a good insulating siding is the R-3 exterior, which keeps your house warmer in the winter time and heat outside during summer. All in all, installing a good insulation system ends up paying for itself in the long run and keeps your home in great shape.

We not only provide residential services, we also provide commercial exterior services! No matter the size or complexity of your commercial building, we can install any type of siding required. Our commercial team can be in contact the same day you request an inspection and can lead you on from there. Our commercial siding team ensures that your project goes smoothly, while being on time and on your budget. This is our guarantee as professional siding installers.

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Comparison of Siding Brands vs. James Hardie

James Hardie Siding

  • Product: Fiber cement made of cement, sand, and cellulose fibers for added exterior durability.
  • Style: Comes in different styles for all types of homes, from contemporary to real wood, there are numerous options to choose from.
  • Durability: Is durable to strong winds, rain and snow. It is also fire resistant, with a first, non-combustible ASTM-rated fire protection
  • Warranty: The manufacturer warranty is 30 years

Other Competitors

  • Product: Are not as durable as fiber cement and can require repairs down the road
  • Style: Has a wide variety of exterior colors and styles available
  • Durability: Is durable however, will not be as strong and resistant as fiber cement
  • Warranty: Can vary depending on the manufacturer’s warranty, usually covers the first 5 years

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