Homeowner’s Insurance: Step by step process for Replacing a storm damaged roof

roof damage insurance claim

If your area was recently hit with a storm that caused damage to your roof, then it is essential that you begin an insurance claims process right away. While dealing with insurance companies can be a drag, Oscar Roofing is here to offer help with every step of your claim with our insurance claims expertise.
The first step is to reach out to your insurance and:

  • File a claim

  • Schedule an appointment with your insurance for a claims adjuster to come out and inspect the damage

  • Consult with the claims adjuster and make sure all damage is reported

  • Fill out all the necessary paperwork

  • Review the Loss Summary Report, this is the insurance company’s itemization for the required repairs

  • Select the materials for the repair

  • Hire a roofing contractor to repair the home

Not sure if you have any roof damage? Schedule a free inspection

Contact us for our certified, twenty point roof inspection by one of our experienced roof inspectors, who will make sure to answer all your questions and assist you in starting the insurance roof claims process.

Submit your claim to the insurance company

Contact your insurance agent to report the damage with the policy number and date of damage ready (the date the storm occurred). Your insurance specialist will guide you through the process and provide vital information, such as assigning a claim number to your case.

The Insurance Adjuster meeting

The adjuster assigned to your claim will contact you and schedule an appointment to assess the damage of your home. Contact us immediately to have one of our project managers meet with you and the adjuster in order to represent you and make sure all proper damage and repairs are properly examined.

Review your claim report

Your insurance company will provide you with an itemized report for all necessary repairs the adjuster made note of during the inspection. Your insurance will also be providing one payment in the form of a check to begin the repairs or replacement process. Customers should keep in mind the first check amount will be for the repairs minus the depreciation and deductible amounts and will most likely be for less than expected

Authorized work can begin

Once all items have been cleared and completed with your insurance company, we determine if the itemized repairs or replacements are in accordance with your home and to your best benefit; we can authorize repairs, sign the project contract and begin the repair or replacement process.

Project Completion

Upon completion of the project(and making sure you are satisfied!) we send the final invoice to your insurance company for the depreciated amount that was withheld from the first check payment. The insurance will then release the second check payment to cover the remaining cost of the work that was performed. Final payment is then due to Oscar Roofing upon receipt of the second check.


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“Oscar Roofing was incredible! From the first meeting, they were exceptional in their customer service, clearly explaining the roof replacemt process and because of them in their initial inspection (and damage they found) encouraged me to get insurance involved. Because of this, insurance awarded a total roof replacement.”

Rachel G.