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While we are known particularly for our roofing services, our other exterior services are not far behind. As always, our goal is to help customers with all their exterior home projects. From our inspection, we strive to make sure everything looks good and is on par with an excellent, protective home. This is why we also offer soffit and fascia covering services. From the installations to repairs, we want to make sure that these protective covering items are not overlooked or in bad condition, otherwise,  they can begin to affect other areas of your home as well. Wondering what are the best types of materials? Keep reading to find out.

Why Soffits and Fascias are Important

You can and should replace your soffit and fascia during your roof installation, if you and your roofing contractor have noticed that there is damage or regular wear and tear. In fact, its even more economical for customers to do all projects at once. However, you don’t have to do all remodeling projects at the same time. For example, you might notice that your soffit and fascia are starting to show signs of wear and tear before other areas of your home exterior. If you think that there are some possible signs of damage, then its best to have a roofing contractor take a look at your home.

Luckily, we do offer stand-alone services for select exterior remodeling services. This does in fact, include soffits and fascia. But what exactly are these items on your home and  what is their purpose?

  • Fascia: Fascias are the straight boards that run directly above the soffit. You can actually see these boards in front of your roof’s overhang. The purpose of fascias are to provide support to the roof shingles while keeping unwanted moisture out. Gutters are normally placed along the fascia, therefore, all homes need a good standing, good condition fascia in order to support the gutters. Fascia can be made from aluminum, wood or vinyl. We always recommend the vinyl option as its the most durable while being cost effective.
  • Soffit: Soffits are the siding that is installed directly underneath the overhang or covering of a roof and the soffits. It is normally not visible unless you stand directly underneath or really close to it. The purpose of a soffit is to act a a passive ventilation for your attic. Modern soffit installations should be vented in order to let air in and help your roof’s ventilation system. Materials that can be used are vinyl, aluminum and wood.

The Affordable Choice for Your Exterior Soffit and Fascia Installations

From a simple repairs to a new installation, Oscar Roofing has your back. Since 2003, we have provided Bloomington, Indianapolis and all surrounding areas with our durable, superior services at a affordable prices. With every installation, we are able to provide:

  • The Most Affordable Choice in your Area: From our complementary inspections, we are able to determine the best course of action for your exterior home. If we think that a repair is the best option, we will tell you! Our goal is always to provide the best customer service around, and provide simple solutions without hurting your budget.
  • Top Quality Installations: We have been in our industry for nearly 20 years, and have helped homeowners with thousands of repairs and installations. Our installers are certified and ready to spring into action to help your home.
  • Durable Material Options: At Oscar Roofing, you always get a choice of what materials you might want us to work with, depending on the prices and your budget. During our inspection, we will provide options and access what we believe will go best with your home quality. The choice is then yours. We stand behind every exterior replacement siding we install.


Was very impressed with Oscar Roofing, they exceeded my expectations! They were able to review the work, had an estimate that was more than fair and got the job done right on time. I will definitely recommend Oscar Roofing to anyone who needs a roof repair. Thank you!

Linda Green

We had Oscar replace our siding as well as our gutters. They also fixed a few areas on our roof due to hail damage. Our salesman and project manager were amazing, they knew how to work with our insurance and were great to work with each step of the way. Do yourself a favor and contact Oscar if you are having any issues!

Aaron D.

What a great company to work with. They replaced my roof after we had a hailstorm pass by. They worked with my insurance company and my only expense was my deductible. The restoration was done in 1 day! The communication was great, I was aware of every step of the process from start to finish. Couldn’t have asked for a better company or team to have worked with.

Michael T.

The Best Exterior Material? Quality Vinyl Soffit and Fascia

Now that we know a little bit more about why these are important, we wan to highlight one of our favorite exterior materials to install. While James Hardie wood and Hardie Board aluminum are a good choice(depending on your area), for Midwest houses we decide to stick with vinyl covering materials.

This is because exterior vinyl will be able to resist all type of weather conditions. It also does not crack, wrap or rot as wood or aluminum would. If you don’t like the color choices, we can also paint it to your preference

Therefore, there is less exterior maintenance needed. Vinyl is also the more energy efficient option of all three and is best to keep insects, rodents and snow and rain out while covering your home. We provide and deliver budget friendly siding vinyl options and higher end siding vinyl, ask us about our services to find out more.

Gutters, Soffit, Fascia & Trim Metal Color Palettes

We are announcing the following colors that are available for: coil stock, drip edge, fascias, gutters, metal trims, soffits and vented soffits. Please keep in mind that some colors may vary due to the computer display in pixels variation. In order to know the actual colors, please call our office or contact us and we can provide product samples.

almond color fascia trim repair Indianapolis


Available for all material types

beaver brown house fascia and soffit

Beaver Brown

Fascia only

color black hardie board soffit and fascia


Available for all materials

bronze paint fascia and soffit cost


Available for all materials

cameo color repairing fascia and eaves damage


Drip edge, fascia, gutter, vented soffit and solid soffit only

charcoal grey replacing eaves

Charcoal Grey

Available for all materials

classic cream roof and soffit repair

Classic Cream

Gutter, fascia, vented and solid soffits only

copper penny color siding and soffit repair near

Cooper Penny

Gutter availability only

country blue soffit and fascia board replacement

Country Blue

Gutter availability only

desert sand tone soffit and fascia repair contractors

Desert Sand

Available for all materials

eggshell shade soffit vs fascia vs eaves


Gutter availability only

everest soffit repairs by repairing contractors


Available for drip edge, gutter, solid soffit and vented soffit only

evergreen color for soffit prices vary


Available for drip edge, fascia, gutter, solid soffit and vented soffit

harbor grey support color

Harbor Gray

Available for drip edge and gutter materials only

linen shade


Available for all materials

montana suede shade installers

Montana Suede

Available only for fascia, gutter and vented soffit

musket brown paint companies

Musket Brown

norwegian wood paint indianapolis color

Norwegian Wood

pebblestone clay hue board replacement

Pebblestone Clay

redwood color


royal brown color soffit covering

Royal Brown

Available for all materials

sage soffit and fascia prices


Available only for drip edge, fascia, gutter, solid and vented soffit



Available only for drip edge, fascia, gutter, solid soffit and vented soffit

sierra hue board color


Available for all materials

silver gray hue roof color

Silver Gray

Available only for drip edge, fascia, gutter, solid and vented soffit

terra bronze tint

Terra Bronze

Available for all materials

victorian grey

Victorian Grey

Available for all materials

village green siding and soffit installation

Village Green

Available for drip edge and gutter materials

white color


Available for all coil stock, drip edge, fascia, gutters, metal trims, soffits, siding materials



Available for all siding, gutters, fascia soffit materials

Choose Oscar Roofing for Professional Soffit and Fascia Installation

Every aspect of your home’s exterior is critical to its overall structural integrity, and that includes the soffit and fascia. At Oscar Roofing, we offer comprehensive soffit and fascia installation services tailored to your specific needs.

The Process: How to Install Soffit and Fascia

For homeowners curious about how to install soffit and fascia, our expert team follows a tried-and-true process. First, we meticulously measure your home’s eaves and rafters to ensure a snug fit. Then we install the soffits directly onto the underside of the roof’s overhang. We follow this by securing the fascia boards to the rafters, creating a protective barrier against water infiltration.

It’s critical to note that professional installation of these components is vital. The quality and longevity of your soffit and fascia can directly influence the health and stability of your roofing system and home.

Why Opt for Oscar Roofing’s Soffit and Fascia Installation Service?

Our well-versed team uses cutting-edge tools and methods to deliver unparalleled soffit and fascia installation service. We work closely with each homeowner to help them choose the most suitable materials for their needs and budget, such as the highly durable and cost-effective vinyl option.

By choosing Oscar Roofing, you’re selecting a service that values the details. Our dedicated installers never overlook the small things, knowing how crucial they can be to the overall outcome.

Let’s Talk Durability and Aesthetics

We prioritize both function and form in our installations. While our soffit and fascia installations are designed to be resilient and long-lasting, we understand that aesthetics are just as important. Our team will help you choose from an array of styles and colors to ensure your new soffit and fascia align perfectly with your home’s exterior.

Whether you need to replace worn soffits and fascia or are looking to improve your home’s ventilation, our experienced team can provide the top-tier installation services you need.

Take the Next Step with Oscar Roofing

Ready to upgrade your home’s exterior with new soffit and fascia? Call our Bloomington office at (812) 545-1381 or our Indianapolis office at (317) 358-6625 for a no-obligation consultation. At Oscar Roofing, we’re committed to helping you enhance and protect your home with superior soffit and fascia installations.

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