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Best Residential Siding Services in South Central Indiana

Siding helps protect your home from the elements, works as an insulator and keeps the temperature of your home climate controlled. Installing new siding has become increasingly popular due to their longevity, durability and raising the value of your property. Save some money on your heating and cooling year after year with a high-energy efficient installations.

When choosing a quality installation, it is also important to look at the  materials options companies provide. Since 2003, Oscar Roofing has offered top-rated products and expert installation, while building a solid reputation as a trusted choice for Indianapolis services. Let our top service quality speak for itself! We are ready to take on your next siding repair or replacement.

Bloomington and Indianapolis: Your Siding Installation Contractor is Here to Help

Does your house need a makeover or look update without insane costs? Look to replace or update your siding today! Its one of the easiest ways to give your home a modern look at a great price. Our team at Oscar Roofing is here to help with your next project.

As a 5 star rated company, customers across Bloomington and Indianapolis have turned to us to help bring their siding projects come to life. The reason that thousands of people have relied on us over the years is due to our commitment to providing excellent customer service, our great expertise and affordable prices.

Read to take the next step? Contact us at (812)545-1381(Bloomington office) or (317)358-6625 (Indianapolis) to provide an inspection and quote today.

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Siding Repairs

If you notice siding damages that are small enough or pertain to one side only, then it most likely can be repaired. In most cases, the question will be answered after an inspection is done thoroughly. Small enough holes, cracks or warping are easily fixable. Want to paint your siding to another color, let’s say brown or maroon? That can be done too! Depending on the brand and material, painting is easy to do.

Commercial Services

As a local contractor, we have branched out over the years to bring more services to Indiana. Which is why, we are proud to provide commercial siding services in Bloomington, Indianapolis and all areas nearby. Our materials, services and proposals range depending on the project size. We work with your budget and desired time frame. Ask us for an inspection and quote for your top rated siding project today.

Siding Replacement Estimates in Bloomington and Indianapolis

Our install teams have the expertise and skills to install any type of your desired material. We work with CertainTeed and James Hardie Products. On this page, we highlight certainteed vinyl products.

The following materials are:

  • Easy to customize to your preference: There are lots of color, patterns and finishes to choose from.
  • Budget friendly to higher end models: Plenty of product selections for all types of styles and budgets.
  • Durable: Built for these harsh Midwest winters and scorching summers.

CertainTeed Products

  • Mainstreet: Horizontal vinyl, it is an ideal choice for Bloomington and Indianapolis homes. Stays beautiful with little effort. Available in 7 styles and 25 different colors. View the color options on their page here.
  • Monogram: TrueTexture rough cedar finish and also comes in horizontal vinyl siding options. Comes in 7 styles and 33 colors. Check out the color options on their page.
  • Monogram XL: Extra thick and longer than the monogram option, made for bigger homes. Comes in 2 classic styles and 32 low-gloss colors.
  • Board & Batten: Patented Cedarboards, insulated and sound absorbing while being energy saving. Made of 60% recycled content.

Warranty Information

CertainTeed offers lifetime limited warranties on their siding products. Their warranty is also transferable and has limited hail damage warranty. For more information, head over to their website for more warranty details.

Materials We Use

Not sure which material option to choose? Consult with us! We’d be glad to help you choose the perfect material option for you. Want to read and do more research? Head to our blog post about the pros and cons of the main siding materials. Also, check out the certainteed warranty information or ask us!


Aluminum has many benefits. Its water resistant, will not rust and works with insulation for greater efficiency. Aluminum performs well in harsh climates, and is insect and moisture-resistant. You can take your pick between a more contemporary appearance or a more traditional one for your exterior.



Vinyl is versatile, affordable and easy to maintain. Vinyl siding comes in textured or smooth forms. Panels are available in horizontal and vertical configurations as well, depending on your preference. Horizontal siding tends to look better on more traditional houses and vertical panels fit well with more contemporary designs. Vinyl does not split, rot or peel all while being resistant to color fading. All in all, it is a great and popular option for many homeowners.


Fiber cement is a mixture of cement, sand and recycled cardboard. This makes it one of the most durable products available. Fiber cement can withstand the harshest of weather(and even fire!) and does not warp, fade or crack. Just like the other types of siding, fiber cement can be easily painted in a wide array of colors or designed to resemble more conventional material options such as cedar, wood or stucco. To read more about our fiber cement material options and additional information, head over to our exclusive page.


Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood provides a more natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance while being highly durable. Cedar is also naturally resistant to water, preventing moisture and rooting damage. One of the most important appeals of cedar wood is that it is environmentally friendly. It also helps minimize the heating and cooling bills as it is energy efficient. Read about more environmentally friendly options here.

cedar wood siding installations

We decided to hire Oscar Roofing to replace our roof, siding and gutters on our historic house. Everyone we came across was extremely friendly and professional, the crew worked quickly and efficiently. The whole process went smoothly. It took them one day to install our roof! Oscar Roofing is a company we will be highly recommending to everyone!

Tim B.

Oscar Roofing offers a wide variety of siding replacement options and repairs in Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Carmel and other areas. Call us today or fill out our form so we can assist you with the best options for your home. Ask us about the manufacturer warranty options as well.

Update your home’s siding with a brand new replacement today! Call (812)545-131 or (317)358-6625 or fill out our contact form for an inspection and proposal today.