CertainTeed offers plenty of home materials, roofing options, siding options, etc. In this article, we offer more insight into one of their vinyl siding options from their Mainstreet line.

The Mainstreet Vinyl Collection

The Mainstreet collection comes in 7 different styles and textures. They also come in 25 different colors available, are .042″ thick, with a 9/16″ panel projection.

Clapboard is one of the options, including clapboard with wood grain textures and 4″, 5″ and 8″ options. Clapboard with a brushed finish and 6.5″, and dutch lap in 4″ and 5″ siding.

Mainstreet Details Include:

  • Natural woodgrain, brushed look
  • STUDfinder patent design for secure installs
  • Can withstand high winds up to 160MPH
  • DuraLock post-formed lock design
  • No maintenance required, does not need painting
  • Class 1A fire rating
  • Lifetime limited warranty


The monogram certainteed collection is similar to their mainstreet line but has a higher quality. The monogram line also provides extended length of boards. These are available in 16′, 20′ and 25′ lengths. Monogram has a deep texture that resembles  natural cedar. Tones and colors include Autumn Yellow, Brownstone, Colonial White and blends including Cedar Blend, Rustic Blend and Weathered Blend.

Monogram Details Include:

  • Heavy-Duty .046″ thickness
  • Rough cedar finish molded from actual cedar boards
  • STUDfinder design for secure installs
  • 3/4″ panel projection
  • Does not need paint or touch ups
  • Class 1A fire rating
  • 33 low-gloss solid colors
  • 7 low-gloss wood-tone blends

Colorview Color Chart

Check the CertainTeed website for their color chart and colorview for all their siding material options. We have also added some of the most popular colors below. Check them out. If you would like some samples in order to see the color more in depth, let us know! We can provide samples while supplies last.

Color Chart

arbor blend color chart

Arbor Blend

autumn red color

Autumn Red

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

autumn yellow color chart

Autumn Yellow

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

buckskin color


Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

castle stone color

Castle Stone

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

charcoal gray siding color

Charcoal Gray

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

colonial white hue

Colonial White

cypress hue


Comes in 4″, 5″ and 6.5″ styles

desert tan titnt

Desert Tan

flagstone certainteed color


Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

certainteed forest color


Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

certainteed mainstreet granite gray

Granite Gray

Comes in 4″, 5″ and 6.5″ styles

certainteed mainstreet hearthstone


Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

mainstreet heritage cream

Heritage Cream

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

herringbone mainstreet


Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

light maple certainteed

Light Maple

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles



monogram natural clay

Natural Clay

blue siding vinyl house

Oxford Blue

siding pacific blue vinyl

Pacific Blue

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

Mainstreet Siding Color Options

Sable Brown

Comes in 4″ and 5″ styles

sandstone beige vinyl siding

Sandstone Beige

savannah wicker siding color

Savannah Wicker

seagrass vinyl siding color


snow siding color


spruce siding color


sterling gray vinyl siding

Sterling Gray

weathered blend color chart

Weathered Blend

wedgewood blue color chart

Wedgewood Blue