Finding a roof leak or multiple roof leaks in your home in Bloomington, Indiana can be a nuisance. Depending on how long the leak has been pooling over or the extent of the leak can be hard to determine, especially if its underneath the roof. If you notice a roof leak, time is of the essence. The faster the source of the leak is found and stopped, the better you are protecting your home. Ignoring a leak can cause further damage to your home and be costly down the road.

Here we cover what to do when you find a or several roof leaks:

  • Clean the area. Depending on the location of the leak, clear the area and move items out of the way.
  • Try to contain the leak. In order to avoid further damage, its best to try to collect the water from the leak entry. Depending on the leak location, place a bucket(or any container) underneath the leak. Empty the water if the container fills rapidly.
  • Clean up water that pools. Clean any water that is pooling on the inside of your home in order to avoid any potential hazards. If its up on the roof, call a roofing contractor to help you clean with this.
  • Contacting a professional roofing company. Call a roofing contractor to come and inspect the roof right away. A professional will be able to determine where the source of the leak is coming from, deduct if the damage is significant and requires additional attention and provide a price point on how much it will cost to fix the damage.
  • Take photos of damage. If there is damage on the inside or outside of your home, its extremely important to document all damage, especially if you are contacting your insurance company. Taking lots of photos helps with your potential claim. If other items in your home have taken any damage as well, make sure to take photos of these items as well. Your insurance company might be able to cover your other items as well.
  • Cover the damaged area. Placing a tarp, and covering the problem area can help protect your home from more damage. The tarp can help by detaining more water from coming in.
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Found leaks? Call Us!

The good thing about finding a leak or multiple different leaks early is that you have options. Of course, the first thing to do is to contain the leaks, make sure the structure is not compromised and damage is kept at a minimum. Next, and depending on your situation you contact your insurance company and see if they will be able to cover your issue. This depends on your warranty and the response of your insurance. However, always and we cannot stress this enough, always place a tarp over these leaks. You do not want rain water or strong winds to cause more damage.

Doing regular maintenance and taking preventative measures are the best ways to notice if you have a leak before its too late. Following bad weather storms, it is best that you take a look at your roof as well as the attic of your home. If you notice something that could be an issues, then contact a roofing contractor right away. Inspections are free and they will be glad to let you know if something is amiss.

When looking for the best roofing contractor to help take care of your roof leak, or any other kind of roof issues, call the experts at Oscar Roofing. Every team member is laser focused on providing the best quality service available and to provide you with peace of mind. Contact us today for your free, in depth estimate.

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