Multi Family Roofing


If you are a business owner or property manager, then the last thing you want to deal with is arising roofing problems. Having a reliable commercial roofing company at your disposal is the surest way to avoid any issues. Oscar Roofing is that commercial roofing company! We service Homeowner Associations(HOAs), apartment complexes, condominiums, etc.

The Expert Multi-Family Roofing Company in Indiana

Apartment buildings, condominiums and townhouses

Whether age related wear or storm damage, commercial roof replacements are typically required after a couple of years. When considering the contractor to take on your project, Oscar Roofing fills out all the boxes you are looking for:

  • We are an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

  • We provide Limited Lifetime Warranties for both materials and labor

  • Our Replacement & Repairs projects are 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed

  • We offer extensive Owens Corning & CertainTeed materials

  • Have over 19 years of commercial roofing expertise

  • We have installed apartment, condominiums and duplex roofs throughout Indiana

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Was very impressed with Oscar Roofing, they exceeded my expectations! They were able to review the work, had an estimate that was more than fair and got the job done right on time. I will definitely recommend Oscar Roofing to anyone who needs a roof repair. Thank you!

Linda Green