Here some signs that your roof needs a replacement. Some of these include: cracked shingles, dark patches, missing shingles that have been blown off, a saggy roof, spongy texture of the shingle and more.

The roof is the first layer of protection in one’s homes. Roofs protect us from elements, such as strong sun rays, rain, snow and even hail. As a result, significant damage  is caused cover time. So how do you know when you need a complete roof replacement or simply a roof repair? Keep reading below to see the warning signs you should be on the look out for.

Signs to Look Out For

Let’s take a look at the exterior signs of damage first. Some of the things to look for are:

1. Missing or Curled Shingles

The easiest sign to detect is to look for missing or curled shingles. You can notice these right away, simply by standing from the ground level of your home. Missing shingles are cause of concern as the underlayments of your roof are exposed. Curled shingles are just as vulnerable as these are right on the cusp of being shaken or blown off easily.

If multiple shingles are missing or curled, please call a roofing inspector right away.

2. Dark or Bruised Patches

Look for dark or bruised patches or circles on your shingles. These can occur when strong hail or winds have damaged or weakened the shingles in certain spots.

3. Missing Granule or Granule Found in your Gutters or on the Ground

Shingles are made of asphalt granule, this gives shingles their vibrant color and outer protective layer. With strong weather conditions, the granule levels deteriorate over time and you might find some loose granules on your gutters or even ground after a strong wind or rainstorm.

4. Sagging Roof

Sagging sections of your roof can be seen by a sharp eye from the ground level and can be determined by walking on your roof. We do not recommend this, as it can be dangerous, the roof support can be weaker than it should be and the roof may collapse with additional weight.

If you suspect that you have a sagging roof, or part of it is sagging, please contact us immediately as this is highly dangerous and not only for the structure of your home but for your safety as well.

5. Spongy Texture

If you decide to do an inspection, lightly touch your shingles. The texture should feel rough. If it feels spongy, then it’s probable that there is some water damage.

6. Missing or Torn  Flashing

As we discussed in our previous post, the chimney flashing is important and having a good flashing system is essential in keeping water and snow out. If you see that your flashing is loose or caulk is in need of replacement, fix this immediately.

7. Roof Valleys

Your roof valleys are the sections where two slopes meet. Water can easily accumulate faster on these areas as these are usually located on flatter slope areas. If any kind of deterioration is found in your valleys, do not ignore it. It’s better to fix these issues as it can lead to more damage.

image of water leak damage from inside of a home

Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Here are some signs of interior damage. These are usually noted over time and signify that the damage to your roof has been there longer than expected. Indoor damage takes longer to notice as it has bypassed the shingles, flashings, underlayments and even plywood of your roof to get inside.

1. Leaks

The most obvious sign of damage. Leaks can show up as wet spots on the ceiling or walls.

2. Cracked paint or peeling wallpaper

Cracked paint or peeling wallpaper is another sign that there is some damage, so check the walls and interior paint of your home to detect stains or cracked paint or wallpaper.

3. Water Pooling

Water Pooling on the floor in a commercial building is a sure sign that there is damage to the roof. Keep in mind that this does not always occur directly below the source of the leak. The water can trickle down and to different sides before exiting the roof. Pinpointing the location of the leak can be difficult and requires a professional inspection.

4. Increase in Electricity Bills

A damaged roof that has open holes or surfaces makes it harder to retain warmth during the winter and keep cool air during the summer. A roof that has potential leaks can also affect the home’s insulation.

Roof Replacement

In conclusion, some of these are ideal to look out for when determining the state of your roof, however, it’s not simple to determine whether a roof truly needs repair or a complete replacement. The best choice is to consult with a professional roofing company, and have them provide an inspection and provide their qualified guidance.

Oscar Roofing is proud to provide our complimentary, in depth inspection. We don’t simply inspect your roof, in addition, we inspect your whole house to ensure there’s no other hidden damage. From gutters, siding, flashing, etc, our main goal is to notify our customers of the full state of their home. We want them to feel confident that their home is safe and secure for years to come.

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