Planning on getting your roof replaced soon? Starting a roof installation, especially if there are roof leaks or other issues, should not be put aside and you should not wait too long. The replacement should occur right away, however, if the issue is that the roof is old and needs a replacement soon, then you have a little more time. Trying to find the best time of the year to replace your roof? From summer, spring, winter or fall, find out which season is the best suited for your next project.

Perhaps, you think that roof replacements are less expensive in one season over another? Read ahead to find out what we know about the seasons, roof replacements and some helpful tips.

Best Time to Replace a Roof(Breakdown by Season)


fall time with leaves turning color

Between all of the seasons, fall has always been the best season for a roof replacement. This is due to the better working conditions, such as slightly colder temperatures for our crew members. Since the temperatures can fluctuate from 45-85 degrees, these cause better conditions for our roof installers. Less humidity also helps with proper conditions regarding shingle installations. Since extreme heat temperatures can cause the shingles to not seal properly and eventually, water can seep through. Make sure to reach out to your chosen roofing contractor soon. Other homeowners will start to get ready for winter as well, the roofing contractor can start to get busy and booking their appointments fast.

Roofing contractors will schedule the most pressing roof replacements first in order to ensure that their customers are safe. This means that your prospective project could be set back for several weeks. Hoping to have your roof replacement during the fall time?  Then your best plan is to start right away and reach out to a roofer at least a month in advance from your prospective start date. Make sure to secure your spot and not have your installation fall into the winter time before conditions worsen. You also want to go with your first or best option and wait for them to be available.


Winter is the most difficult season for exterior home contractors. However, its not completely impossible to have your roof replacement done in winter. Your chosen roofing contractor will most likely be less busy and have more availability. This is due to other homeowners rushing to get their roofs project complete during the warmer months. If you have no time before, then perhaps its easier to call your roofer in the wintertime.

The main issues during winter lies when temperature drops below 35*F-40*F. The adhesive underlayment of the shingles need the warmer temperatures in order to seal, this process happens rapidly during warm temperatures. Colder conditions can impede the shingles from sealing correctly, plus, shingles can even crack or break during the installation.

Lastly, the conditions for the installers during winter are hazardous. Snow, sleet or pool water cause extremely unsafe working conditions. If any of these are present, then the roofing contractor will most likely reschedule your installation for another day. A professional, trustworthy roofing contractor can work in any weather conditions, however, safety is always first.


winter time with snow on the roof


Warmer temperatures start gradually during spring and many homeowners will begin with their home or remodeling plans. According to numerous roofing experts, spring is the second best season to replace your roof. This is in part because of roofing contractors general availability starts to get busy. Additionally, there are more favorable weather conditions and longer hours of the days to get the job done.

Roofing companies are not as busy during spring as they normally are during the middle of summer. Therefore, they will be able to attend to your home needs sooner. The sooner you and your roofing contractor finish your project, the more time you’ll have in the summer to enjoy and not worry about your home.

One drawback due to the spring weather is the rain and unpredictability. Constant storm conditions or rain on the day of your roof installation can delay your project. The good thing is that, while there may be some delays, a reputable roofing contractor will be able to reschedule for the next day or two depending on how many projects they have. Roofers anticipate this type of weather during spring and are willing to work on the weekends to get the job done. The keep preparing for this type of weather in anticipation.



The sun is out longer, its warmer and the kids are out of school. Summer is and remains to be the most popular season to replace your roof thanks, in part, to the weather conditions. Summer is a good season to replace your roof due to the consistent warm weather and less chance of rainy days.

The earlier in the summer time you schedule your roof installation, the better it is for everyone involved. Since the humidity is lower and the temperatures are not scorching, its the best time for the installers who are working hard all day to install the shingles. The product is also better able to do its job, as the shingle adhesive is able to properly seal without it drying too fast.

One downside however, is getting on a roofer’s schedule. Almost everyone will try to get their roof replaced in the summer, and the roofing contractors will be busy and have no openings. Since space becomes limited, your roofing project might be pushed towards the middle or even end of summer.

When replacing your roof during the hottest days of summer, make sure your roofing contractor does so when temperatures are not extreme. Temperatures over 95*F-100*F can affect the installation process. Extreme heat can melt the asphalt shingles, or these can even crack when the roofers step on them and apply too much pressure. The adhesive used to tape these can also dry out quickly, before its even placed properly. This can cause these sealants to fail to be properly installed and could result in further damage down the road.


Do Prices Fluctuate According to the Season?

Since roofers have the most work during summer and less consistent work during the winter, some homeowners may be wondering if prices are better during the winter time. This is a fair assumption to make, since during these times the roofers are not as busy and people are not doing as many home renovations.

The answer to this questions depends on the roofing companies you talk to and the one you decide to work with. During this year, we have seen additional elements affect the roofing industry, you can read it in our other article here. The year 2022 is an unprecedented year, with prices fluctuating almost every month for roofing materials. While roofers are aware of this and trying to adjust their prices accordingly, prices based on the seasons are not necessarily a thing anymore. Every roofer works differently on their company operations.

And if this is a question you’d like to know more about, then we suggest to ask a couple of local roofers about their practices. Plus, it is not a bad assumption to have. However, we recommend to ask your roofing contractor.

Knowing how the weather conditions can affect your roof replacement is a plus and helps you determine what is best for your home and your budget.

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