2021 – 2023 Popular Colors for Interior Homes in Indianapolis

Sherwin Williams Color Picks

As you know, color trends tend to change year after year so it makes sense that you want to stick to neutrals and classics. Neutral colors add to the resale value of a home so stick to blues, grays, whites and even light greens and browns.

Color of the Year 2023

Redend Point has been chosen as the color of 2023. This soft pink is minimal, calming and gorgeous. it truly highlights the subtlety of a nice pink.


IF you want a cool hue, then go with blue. Because of the grayish undertones, these are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms and can help you with your home resale.

blue hues 2022 sherwin williams


Eggshell Paint

Paint finishes describe the amount of gloss or sheen for paint. Eggshell paint can bring a 10 to 25 percent gloss so it’s on the lower end of the gloss spectrum.

sherwin williams pure white extra white ice cube colors 2022



When reselling your home, neutrals are the way to go. Neutrals are inviting and a good segway for anyone to envision their dream space without putting too much of a twist or personal touch to it. We recommend neutral blues, grays and whites.

Living Room Colors Perfect for Your Home in Indianapolis

In our next article, we want to highlight some of the best looking colors that would pair well for an Indianapolis home. These colors are some of the most popular ones and will amplify your living room pace and make it larger and brand new or even if you are reselling your home. Oscar Roofing and Painters have constantly worked with numerous homeowners for all types of homes and exterior and interior spaces. From Bloomington all the way to Carmel, Indiana, homeowners have relied on us for incredible painting renovations.

Most Popular Colors to Paint Living Rooms for Indiana Homes

Your living room is one of  the highest traffic areas in your home. It’s where your family and friends gather to watch movies or games, hang out and relax. Therefore, it’s normal to want to update or renovate the look of your living room. Oscar Roofing and painters have helped renovate many home interiors with brand new paint, today we are going to focus on the Sherwin Williams line.

Sherwin Williams Popular Colors in 2022-2023

Charcoal Blue

Charcoal blue is a dark-gray color, while being classified as a navy color, it has specks of gray. With charcoal blue, you can get a classy look with wood, metallic or leather furniture. Coordinating colors include Creamy, Gossamer Veil and Moonlit Orchid.


charcoal blue sherwin williams house paint job

Livable Green

Livable green is a perfect, soft green hue for people who prefer a cool green and organic environment. With yellow-gray undertones, it gives any room a nice neutral balance. Coordinating colors go perfectly with Sage, Shell White and Evergreen Fog.

livable green paint color SW living room


Minute Mauve

Minute Mauve is a warm gray/purple color and part of the fall/winter pottery barn kids collection. It is in the purple color family. Coordinating colors pair well with Sherwin Williams 7077 Original White, Sherwin Williams 7551 Greek Villa and Sherwin Williams 9174 Moth Wing.

minute mauve paint color Sherwin Williams brand

White Flour

A good white color is a timeless look, it’s the perfect way to brighten up a room. Plus, when it comes to decorating, you can go with any snazzy color of furniture that you want. A white canvas is a great way to have fun with your interior and does not limit you. White Flour by Sherwin-Williams is a creamy, warm white color and part of the timeless white and finest whites collection. Coordinating colors pair well with Sherwin Williams 7555 Patience and Sherwin Williams 9126 Honed Spastone.

white flour paint color Sherwin Williamsa in living room

Window Pane

Window Pane is a light blue green color with a touch of grey. Coordinating colors include Extra White, Quietude and Pure White Sherwin Williams colors.

Sherwin Williams color in window pane bathroom paint job


Interior Colors To Elevate Your Home For Any Type of Occasion

Whether you are wanting to spice up the look of your interior home or are thinking about reselling your house, a fresh coat of paint can help you achieve your goals. Whether it’s for yourself or to entice potential buyers, you are sure to stun with a new paint job.

A well done paint project will elevate and help your home look great, it really brings the room together and can make the home look spacious and inviting. Before putting your home on sale, it’s always recommended to paint your home prior to putting it on the market, here’s why:

Why You Should Consider A Painting Job Before Putting Your House On The Market

  • A new paint job makes the house look newer and more inviting for prospective buyers. Additionally, the painters are able to inspect your home and take care of any damages or worn down areas like drywall damages.
  • Old style colors can make homes look worn down, if you want to follow new trends that homeowners are looking for, then you can change to gray hues and the classic white hues.
  • If you have children or pets, it can cause trouble to your walls. Once the children and pets have grown up, we recommend a new thorough paint job.

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