Indianapolis weather ranges from freezing cold winters to scorching hot summers. The quicker is, these aggressive changes in temperature can cause some serious damage to your home’s siding. Look for signs of regular tear and wear, if you notice cracked or warped siding, it might be time for a replacement.

We are here today to help choose the best material for your home, based on the weather. While those intense sun rays can affect us if we stay outside for too long, siding is not affected by it. It is the fluctuating temperatures and cold weather that truly does the damage.

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Vinyl Siding is the most popular choice amongst homeowners, due to its durability and being a more affordable material. It provides a variety of colors to choose from, is low-maintenance and easy to clean. Typically, a good vinyl material will have a low-gloss finish that resembles painted wood. Speaking of affordability, vinyl is, on average, 11 percent less than other materials, such as cedar or aluminum.

Vinyl is resistant to rotting and easy to clean, using a high-pressure washer. When installed correctly, it will typically last between 20 to 40 years. Of course, this depends on vinyl being properly maintained, weather exposure and other concepts.

Some drawbacks or negative points to take into considerations is the fact that some vinyl can be considered on the cheaper side and therefore, has a shorter lifespan than other materials on this list. This depends on the type of vinyl you are using of course. When installing good vinyl make sure the brand is not bad or overly cheap. Remember, you are installing a protector for your home, so the best option is necessary. So if a price or material is popular, research why. Sometimes people want to pick the cheapest value and don’t worry about the bad ratings. The great thing is, you have different vinyl options, we always recommend to go for a premium or good middle option on the vinyl list. Manufacturers like James Hardie are known and popular for their top rated siding options that are reasonably priced and a great value for homes. Check out more of their options and colors list in their website.

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Cedar Wood

Wood siding is an old-fashioned and what used to be a popular choice for home siding in the United States. Wood has been a siding staple because of its amazing looks and how it brings a rustic yet timeless look for your home. However, it does have its drawbacks that are not for everyone. Lastly, with more and more options coming out of the woodwork, homeowners are more susceptible to lean towards the most economical or durable options like vinyl and fiber cement.

While cedar or wood siding is stylish, beautiful and surprisingly durable, it is also expensive and can be high maintenance. Cedar contains natural chemicals that make it moisture-resistant and is a good insulator. In fact, cedar material provides better insulation than other options on the market and has a high quality of soundproofing.

Now for some downsides, cedar is not completely rot or fire-resistant. In fact, most homeowners need to treat their cedar shingles with a flame retardant spray or chemical. Cedar siding also takes more upkeep time than other types of siding. Repainting or re-staining is required every three to five years, cedar needs to be power washed every two to four years. All in all, cedar siding is one of the most high maintenance products.

Wood siding is a great option for homeowners who are willing to put in the maintenance work after installation and not worried about making additional expenses down the road. For example, wood is a natural, beautiful material but it is susceptible to water damage over the years. It is also prone to rotting, cracks and decaying so routine cleaning, staining, painting and overall inspections are necessary to prevent a lot of damage. Because of this, it can be hard for homeowners to keep up with the demands and they opt for a less demanding material. Wooden siding is best for customers who know what they are getting into from the beginning, if you appreciate a timeless look for your home, then go for it. Do keep in mind of the extra care it needs for upkeep though.

Fiber Cement

Most homeowners look at three main components when choosing a siding option. These are curb appeal, affordability, durability, and convenience.

While some forms of siding are either too costly, or require higher maintenance than others. Fiber cement is able to meet all these four requirements, making it one of the best choice for homeowners. Fiber cement is made of, you guessed it, cement. But there are additional materials in it as well, like wood fiber, sand and clay.

These mixtures make fiber cement one of the most resistant materials out there. Resisting rot, termites and even fire. The fluctuating temperatures do not affect fiber cement either, so you do not have to worry about warp or cracked siding.

Fiber cement is extremely low maintenance, all you need to do is spray it down with a hose or use a power washer. There are many styles and color options, it can also be painted if needed to. And do not forget about its durability! Fiber cement is crack-resistant, and freezing temperatures will also not affect it. Plus, if you prefer the look of wood but want the durability of fiber cement, well that can be done. Fiber cement can be painted to resemble or look very close like a wooden finish.

Now for the drawbacks, fiber cement is the slightly most expensive option than vinyl, and can be heavy. Due to the weight, installation is also more difficult and costly to install.

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When Is It Time to Replace Your Siding

Signs of damage include warping, cracking, small or sizable holes and loose or missing pieces. Some types of siding are also susceptible to rotting or color fading. If you begin to notice any of these particular signals, it might be time for a replacement.

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With so many material options to choose from, it is easier for most homeowners to decide on different factors based on their liking, like budget, look, and material. Call or contact Oscar Roofing to help you make the best decision that works for both your home and your budget. Our expert siding teams are ready to help you find the best look and material for your home and within your desired budget. Plus, we work with different siding materials brands, such as James Hardie. Let us help you with your home renovations today.

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