Midnight Plum: Shades of purple, hues of grey star in the newest shingle color from Owens Corning


The latest signature color of 2023 and color of the year is actively called “Midnight Plum.” Released in October, this new color has purple undertones, shades of grey to bring together a new immersive cool color.

When describing midnight plum as a color, you can say it has hues of pomegranate, eggplant and mulberry. The goal of midnight plum as the newest color is to provide an inviting atmosphere to any type of home. Whether it is a dark, modern farmhouse or a traditional brick home, this shingle color will enhance the overall look. That’s a guarantee.

The color midnight plum can be a cool or warm color, depending on its other mixtures. This shingle color is a mixture of purple with grey undertones, therefore, its more of a cool combination. Lighter than black shingles, but given more depth, midnight plum is perfect for homeowners who do not want to commit to darker colors but want that cool tone in between.

While the primary goal of roofs is to provide protection, since 2017, Owens Corning has tried to answer the question: Can a roof be both secure and stylish?. The answer lies in the strong response they have received from homeowners across the U.S.

Homeowners have reacted strongly to the shingle color of the year since its inception in 2017. Per Sue Buckett, the strategic market leader and senior color expert, the response has been so overwhelmingly positive. Therefore, they strive to take color to new levels year after year. Its safe to say that their strategy along with demand for innovative colors is a winning combination.

Past Shingle Color of the Year

The past TruDefinition Duration shingle colors include: Bourbon(2022), Age Copper(2021), Pacific Wave(2020), Black Sable(2019), Sand Dune(2018), Sedona Canyon(2017). Each shingle brings its own hues of color combinations to bring forth rich styles suited for all types of homes. Check out the past colors and see if these might be a great fit for your home. Click on the names to read more about them.

More Colors to Choose From

Besides midnight plum, there are 4 additional colors coming to the new shingle line. These have been carefully chosen based on homeowner preferences, as these continue to evolve and change. Thus, Owens Corning is updating to meet the standards of these updated demand.

Starting January 2023, the following colors will be available: Desert Rose, Peppercorn, Sand Castle, Williamsburg Gray.

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About TruDefinition Duration Shingles

TruDefinition® Duration shingles are the most popular shingles available today due to its durability, wide variety of colors and their unique SureNail® technology. After factoring everything in, the honest truth is that duration shingles are one of the best.

All shingles have a 130 miles per hour wind resistance, streak-guard algae resistance and a limited lifetime warranty. These shingles application includes installing with 6 nails for each shingle right at the strip line for maximum security. The strip line or SureNail® technology, provides an additional  layer for protection. For more color options, see our page with more information.

About Owens Corning – Midnight Plum

Owens Corning is the construction materials leader in the U.S., their commitment to building great quality materials through innovation design. They not only make roofing materials, they also focus on composites and insulation as well. They employ close to 20,000 employees in 33 different countries. For more information, head over to their website.

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