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We have created a separate page to guide you with the multiple siding options and colors we provide for fiber cement siding. Please check out our other page outlining our full list of James Hardie siding products we work with. We are proud to offer this brand to our customers, as their values align with our company standards.

Have any questions or need additional siding details? Contact us today! Fill out our online form or give us a call, our Bloomington office (812)545-1381 or Indianapolis office (317)358-6625 for any exterior siding repairs or replacements, to receive more brand options information, planning and costs.

Made from mixtures of cement, sand and cellulose fibers, fiber cement is one of the most durable options today. We outline some of the best features of this tried and true tested material.

  • Versatile: We understand cement is not the nicest looking material out there, and so does the brand that makes these. That’s why they are able to offer different types of looks and finish to bring posh to any home. Choose from some of the different options below.
  • Durable: Being made of cement, you know this material is durable. And we mean durable. Leave it exposed to high winds, rain or snow storms, even hail and we doubt you’ll see much if any damage on your home exterior.
  • Priming and Painting: Don’t care too much for the current color options available? You don’t have to worry about that, because of its components, fiber cement is able to be primed and painted to provide a different color of your choosing.

Choose Your Fiber Siding Material

Choose from the four siding products available(Costs do vary depending on materials and brand):

  1. Select Cedarmill: natural cedar that looks like wood and is more durable
  2. Smooth: Modern design that brings a smooth sleek, finish
  3. Beaded Cedarmill: Combines for a more coastal look than the other two options
  4. Beaded Smooth: Same as the smooth look but with an extra flair. The edge brings a contemporary flair

Color Schemes to Choose From

We offer plenty of color materials options to choose from. Let’s say you don’t fully like one of the colors available, well that’s not an issue! We can prime and paint any of these materials to best suit your needs. Simply mention thisĀ  during the inspection and time to choose the color and we ca provide the best advice and price points for the project. Weather conditions such as rain or snow will not make the color fade.

From grey hues to blues, browns and forest greens, each material provides their own sense of the colors to best fit your exterior home scheme. We have included the best seller siding colors in this section. Head over to the James Hardie website to take a look at more color option choices.

Choose the Trim Texture

When it comes to installing exterior fiber cement siding, you also have to take into consideration the trim installation. Choose from Smooth, Rustic or Rustin Grain.

The standard 4 inch trim is to be used on wall or roof lines, corners, windows and even doors. The good thing is, you can upgrade to other sizes or downsize if you need to. With such versatility of use, its great that you can choose the texture of the exterior material. Either smooth or rustic are both great options. Of course, take in mind the aesthetics of your home and exterior surroundings in order to choose the best fit.

The Final Step: Choosing your Metal Trim Color

If part of your estimate involves door or garage wraps, then we will ask you to choose a color for the metal trim of your choosing. The interesting thing about metal trims is that just like regular trims, they can be used on many different parts of the home. If your installation includes metal trim, you have many color options too.

Please keep in mind for your Indianapolis home, when installing your soffits, fascia or gutters, the color cannot be changed or mixed. The same color will be used thorough and we normally recommend to keep the same color you currently have installed. Alterations can be made of course, but do contact us for additional details first.

metal texture trim installation colors offered

Fiber Cement Siding by James Hardie

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