For over 87 years, Owens Corning has been the leading manufacturer in roofing, insulation and fiberglass composites.In fact, it is the largest manufacturer of fiberglass in the world. Owens Corning was formed through a merger of two separate companies, Owens-Illinois and Corning Glass works in 1935. It became its own company in 1938 and made its first headquarters in Ohio. Today, we are looking at one of their roofing contractor tiers, that is their preferred contractor status.


Why Should You Hire an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Your next roofing project should run smoothly, trusting a reliable roofing contractor with it is one of the best decisions you will make. An Owens Corning preferred contractor is able to provide many benefits that a regular or newer contractor simply won’t be able to. Oscar Roofing has been a quality preferred contractor for many years now. In fact, we have been able to keep our status by reaching the Owens Corning yearly goals each time. Thanks to this, we are able to provide the following benefits:

Preferred Contractors must hold the essential local, state and federal licenses

Safety should be the first goal in any situation. And while you think of safety during a roof installation as someone being harnessed while they install your roof, sometimes safety is also working with a contractor that has all their paperwork in order.

Contrary to belief, not all roofing contractors will have their appropriate licenses or insurances. Working with a roofer who does not have the necessary licenses is a huge risk. If anything where to go wrong then either of you could be liable. When you are putting a decent amount into your roof installation, the last thing you want is to spend additional amounts on unforeseen occurrences that could happen at any time.

Not to mention, if a contractor does not have their licenses, they might not follow the standard installation code. Additionally, they could also skip steps or not use all the materials, exposing your roof to potential damages down the road. If there are any damages later on, then you would have to contact another contractor to fix these.

Owens Corning Preferred Contractors carry $1 million in General Liability Insurance

Depending on the rules of the state you live in, every general contractor should carry some sort of liability insurance. Not only to protect themselves but their employees and the customers as well. While different insurances and plans are available, when you are chosen as an Owens Corning preferred contractor, you must carry a million dollars in general liability insurance. This is done to help protect the businesses from claims that can occur, such as bodily injuries or damaging someone’s property. General Liability can also cover personal injury, which includes slander.

Every vocation that deals with homes, such as general contractors, carpenters or plumbers needs to carry this insurance. Of course, there are different options and policies that each can have.

They are able to provide the additional benefits, such as warranty extensions

When you work with a preferred contractor, you will be receiving better warranty options than the regular contractors are able to offer. In terms of warranty, the Owens Corning shingles come with lifetime warranties that do have certain limits, which includes materials only coverage and streak-guard algae resistance coverage. With a preferred contractor installing your roof, you are able to upgrade your warranty to the additional coverage options. This includes their System protection warranty, preferred protection and platinum protection warranties. These three options come with extra perks, such as 50 years of the Tru-protection period(instead of the regular 10 years).

Having a lifetime workmanship coverage is essential for any homeowner who might be thinking about selling their home later on. Furthermore, the warranties are transferable from one owner to another if the house is sold. This is a great benefit that can help boost the value of your home.


owens corning coverage warranty options table

Chosen contractors need to go through screenings

Every contractor that holds the Owens Corning preferred contractor status is carefully and closely chosen in order to make sure they are a reliable company. Owens Corning would not place their name behind a company that is not reliable. When you work with a this type of contractor, you can bet that their estimates are accurate, they will be on time and their work has met and even exceeds all industry standards.

Sure-Nail Certified

Oscar Roofing has met the Owens Corning Sure nail technology training. The focus of this training is for contractors to be able to meet the installation requirements for higher end shingles. Knowing you are working with a reliable contractor should give you piece of mind. These contractors are providing their extensive expertise to their projects at every turn.

Other requirements that need to be met:

  • Operates under the same business name for at least three years in a row
  • Has a general knowledge of the latest roofing industry standards/technology
  • Has a good Better Business Bureau rating
  • Needs to have a satisfactory business credit rating

Where can you find a Preferred Contractor in Indiana?

Oscar Roofing is your local family operated roofing company, with locations in Bloomington, Indianapolis and Fishers areas.

Since 2003, Oscar Roofing is known for their ability to provide great services at amazing prices. Our top quality installations, great customer service and attention to detail has made  us become who we are today. We work with every homeowner and their insurances to bring their home projects to light.

Oscar Roofing is an Owens Corning preferred contractor. Contact us for a free consultation by calling our Bloomington office: (812)545-1381.

Contact our Indianapolis office: (317)358-6625.

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