We work with all types of roofing materials. In this page, we want to focus on the CertainTeed brand for shingles options that are available for residential and commercial services. If you would like some samples, please contact our office for more information.

Advantages of CertainTeed Roofing Systems

Oscar Roofing is able to install all types of roofs with CertainTeed materials and accessories necessary. From their strip shingles, dimensional and premium shingles, we are able to provide the best installations.

CertainTeed Strip Shingles

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Strip shingles are the oldest design type of shingles. These are designed to look like slate and are single layered shingles. The appearance once installation is completed is a flat, even leveled look. While these are the oldest shingles, nowadays, we do not recommend unless its for extreme circumstances.

Dimensional Shingles

The number one type of shingles used today, CertainTeed is able to offer dimensional shingles which give additional aesthetic look to residential homes. Additionally, dimensional shingles are stronger, due to their dual layers. Lastly, they are heavier in weight than strip shingles and are able to withstand harsher climate, such as high winds and minor hail damage.

Landmark PRO is the perfect example of dimensional shingles. Benefits include:

  • 50 year limited warranty
  • 10 year SureStart protection
  • 15 year Algae resistance
  • 110 MPH wind protection
  • Possible upgrade for wind warranty, up to 130MPH
  • 1 time transferable warranty
  • Max Def color palette

Read more about the warranty information here, every shingle comes with their SureStart warranty, which is the original warranty. Beyond SureStart warranty is the extended warranty for Landmark PRO.

Premium Shingles

Premium shingles resemble older and more aesthetically pleasing shingles, such as natural slate shingles. Additionally, premium shingles are impact resistant and have the highest quality in terms of durability and life span. Every  laminated shingle is made of two pieces composed of fiberglass and color vibrant granules.

Landmark Premium features:

  • 50 year limited lifetime warranty
  • 15 year streak-fighter algae resistance guarantee
  • 10 year SureStart protection
  • 15 year wind resistance up to 110MPH
  • Possible upgrade warranty for wind, up to 130MPH

Read more about the warranty information here, starting with the Sure Start warranty, which is the original warranty. Beyond SureStart warranty is the extended warranty for Landmark Premium.

ClimateFlex Asphalt

The newest asphalt shingle material introduced so far. ClimateFlex is the newest high quality designed shingle, made of wood shakes and polymer-modified asphalt. ClimateFlex also provides cold weather friendly pliability, meaning installations during low temperature climates for contractors should have no issues as other shingles would. Benefits of ClimateFlex include the polymer blended asphalt for even more protection, extreme endurance and longer lifespans than traditional shingles.

  • Class 4 rating shingle
  • Superior granule adhesion
  • QuadraBond technology secures layer together
  • 10 year algae streak resistance
  • NailTrak – wide nailing area
  • 50 year limited lifetime warranty
  • 15 year streak-fighter algae resistance guarantee
  • Vivid color chart options to choose from

Why CertainTeed

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  • Wide Selection of Shingles – From economical and budget friendly shingles to luxury shingles, certainteed offers all types of asphalt shingles for any type of home and budget.
  • Shingle Components – Their shingles are made of three layers, each laminated in order to provide the highest quality of durability, longevity while providing great aesthetics.
  • Durability – These type of shingles are heavier than others, this is a great thing! It means they are more resistant to high winds and durable than most roofing materials.
  • Warranty – 5 star extended warranties are available, covering workmanship for the lifespan of the shingle. Additionally, they offer 1 warranty transfer for all homeowners.

Other Type of Shingles Available

  1. Arcadia Shake
  2. Carriage House
  3. Landmark TL
  4. Landmark Pro
  5. Landmark Solaris
  6. Landmark Solaris Gold
  7. Landmark IR
  8. Landmark Shake
  9. Presidential Solaris Gold
  10. XT 30 IR
  11. XT 25
  12. CT 20

Not sure which material to choose for your home? Contact us today! We can provide the different options for your home, as well as samples for you to choose the best option available.