What is Siding

Siding or wall cladding is the material that is installed to the exterior side of a house. Its primary purpose is to protect your home and just like your roof, is the first in line to  protect your home against rain, snow, wind or strong sun-rays. Nowadays, siding materials come in different material varieties and colors to add to the home’s look. Siding can be made of vinyl, cement or a whole mixture of materials; it all depends on personal preference and the weather conditions you live in.

Siding Benefits

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While protection is the main job of siding, there are additional benefits, such as:

  • Improve the aesthetic of your home. Updating your siding will bring new colors and life to your home, without breaking the bank. Higher, or luxury siding is available and specifically made for the more stylish homeowners.
  • Energy Efficiency. When installing new siding with house wrap, you are helping your home with insulation, thus, less energy is used to cool or heat your home. A well insulated home is an energy efficient home.
  • Lower Maintenance. If you update your siding, it is most likely that you won’t have to worry about it for a very long time. Today’s materials are specifically made for durability and extreme weather conditions.

Siding Materials we Use

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James Hardie Products

Oscar Roofing is proud to use one of the best siding products around, James Hardie products. As James Hardie siding contractors, we are able to offer the world’s #1 producer of high performance cement products. These products are also environmental friendly and of course, help increase your home’s curb appeal. James Hardie products provides several types of siding, from vinyl, cedar and fiber cement, amongst others. As for quality and durability, well these come hand in hand.

Some of the Current Product Lines Currently :

  • Hardie Plank Lap Siding
  • Architectural Collection
  • Panel Vertical Siding
  • Trim Boards
  • Shingle Siding
  • Soffit Precut Panels
  • Aspyre Collection by James Hardie

 Is It Time to Replace Your Siding?

Look out for these signs of damage next time you’re outside. From warping, cracking, small holes or dents. Missing or loose pieces are also signs it might be time to call a siding contractor. Its always a plus to know what type of siding you have, as some are susceptible to rotting or fading in color. Whether you’re wanting to update your siding due to tear and wear or simply update it, a free inspection will provide a good base to know what you materials you afford. Vinyl is typically the least expensive and standard option for most homeowners. Fiber cement is more expensive than vinyl and also more durable. It all depends on your style of choice and budget.

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While we will get to the materials we use, we want to highlight that as one of Bloomington’s  best contractors, our main focus is to help our customers achieve their desired home goals. Just an hour away from Downtown Indianapolis, Bloomington has been our main hub for over 19 years. As long time residents, we know its our duty to provide excellent craftsmanship.

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