Roofing Services – The Prices and How They Are Being Affected

There comes a time in every homeowner’s life, the feeling of dread when they know they have to replace or service their roof. Roofing services are on the more costly sides of home maintenance and in the year 2022, things are more hectic than usual. While a number of factors affect the cost of a roofing services(and we will go into detail later), there are new factors that have not been apparent before, these are inflation and material supply shortages.

When contacting a reliable roofing contractor, the drill is pretty similar. You set up an appointment for your initial inspection, meet with the inspector and explain the issues or potential issues at hand. The inspection then provides their input and best recommendations. Later on or perhaps the next day, they provide a quote with all their information, suggestions and best course of action.

The average roof prices range between $5,000-$15,000. Common factors include the size of the house, steepness of roof, material of your choosing and of course the labor costs. Not to mention, the additional features you might want to add, such as skylights or ventilation pipes. Asphalt is the most common roofing material, and of course, there are different types of asphalt, from strip shingles, three-dimensional,  and high-end or luxury shingles. For more information on the type of shingles and which is considered best, check out our article on everything you should know about our asphalt roofing materials.

The prices of materials also vary, asphalt is the most economical sound option for any home. Asphalt can typically cost between $400 and $550 per square section of your house, metal will average around $800 per square.

roofing services in Bloomington and inflation how this affects prices in 2022-2023

How New Factors Affect Roofing Costs

In 2021, the roofing industry was hit by an unimaginable events. Due to manufacturing delays that occurred during the start of the pandemic, many manufacturing plants state wide had to shut down and eventually, limit their supply efforts. Port congestion due to imports and exports had to stop altogether due to the pandemic. This plus delays in shipments and increase in material prices to build the materials have made the prices increase almost every month in 2022 alone. This hurts contractors who have no other solution but to continue this trend and increase their prices as well, leaving many potential customers in conflict.

The state of things in 2022 has left many of us in a turmoil, talks of inflation do not help the situation. In the first half of 2022 alone, there were constant percentage increases in shingle, plywood, labor, etc. Companies like Oscar Roofing are combating these fluctuations by providing budget friendly quotes, and cutting costs while keeping the same golden standard in service, in order to be able to provide a viable solution for homeowners.

As an established roofing company, in operation since 2003, Oscar Roofing has a reputable relationship with their manufacturer and are able to lock in pricing for specific periods of time, while being aware of the impending increases, we are able to let our customers know in advance of upcoming changes as soon as possible. This is not to put any pressure on them but simply to let them know that these increases could affect their quotes and while we try to make every client’s budget as manageable as possible, these increases come straight from the manufacturer and are made nationwide.

Finding a Roof Shingle Contractor For Your Roofing Services

While it is true that roof replacements are slightly more costly in 2022 than in previous years, depending on the damage of your roof, it might be difficult to put a roof repair or replacement off. Ignoring an issue or putting it off until it gets worse could end up causing more damage down the road and in turn, be more costly. Whether there is substantial damage or if you want the input of an expert, its best to contact a roofing contractor to let you know your options.

Contacting several reputable contractors is the best way to do it and see who best fits your needs. These contractors can differ from pricing, materials they offer or their schedule can even conflict with yours. When reaching out to a contractor its also essential that they have expertise in the roofing field, and request background information regarding their company and what licenses they hold. Take a look at their reviews on their google page or facebook page as well. It never hurts to know what previous customers have said and how their experience went.

Depending on how the roofing contractors manage their business, they might not be able to facilitate costs and increases in their pricing, which is why its best to reach out to different companies and compare their prices, and have them explain how these current events are affecting their businesses. Some companies might be able to provide better insight and explain the price increases. However, keep in mind, since this is affecting all companies throughout the country, expect higher prices than the previous  years. The key difference is in how much more these companies are adjusting their prices accordingly.

Roofing Services in Indiana

Oscar Roofing, a local company is able to be flexible with their prices. While talking about how inflation is affecting all of us, we are aware of the issues and try to inform our potential customers of the state current prices, and the potential increases, as soon as we receive news from our suppliers. Luckily, all our suppliers let us know of potential increase or decrease in prices a month in advance, giving us time to adjust accordingly and alert our customers as well.

With us, you are able to lock in your price as soon as you sign, and our estimates are valid for 30 days. If there are any questions regarding our pricing or its past the estimate valid date, then our customers should contact us in order to see if there are any upcoming price adjustments.

Living in the state of Indiana, we service Bloomington, and all surrounding areas in Southern Indiana. We also have offices in Indianapolis, Fishers and Carmel and serve all surrounding areas near by. In service since 2003, we provide premier roofing services and continue to show our customers why we are one of the most trustworthy roofing contractors around. If you are in need of roofing services, make sure you contact us today.

how Oscar roofing can help with roof replacements in Indianapolis and inflation 2022