The Common Reasons your Gutters Overflow

Your gutter systems help maintain your home safe during rainstorms by diverting water away from your property. They are an essential component of your home, without them, water can accumulate on your roof, damage your siding and lead to mold and leaks. Notably, gutters are very important for your home, which is why homeowners should not overlook their gutter maintenance.

Learning more about your gutter system will encourage you to take better care of them and your home. Keep reading to find out how to maintain your gutters.

Clogged Gutters and Gutter Guards

leaves stuck on gutter systems

Clogged gutters can arise from debris, leaves, twigs and even bird’s nests. These can impede rainwater from flowing away from your house, the water can accumulate and pool on your roof and around your home’s foundation.

The main reason your gutters become clogged is due to the house’s proximity to the trees.  Trees shed their leaves during fall and autumn and some of these can be found on your roof and eventually make their way into your gutter system. Clogging can occur even more frequently if your gutters are not properly aligned and pointed towards your downspouts.

Installing Gutter Leaf Guards

The best way to prevent your gutters from clogging is installing gutter guards. These mesh screens installed over your gutters help prevent leaves, twigs, and dirt from falling into them. It is also important to choose the right gutter guard for your home and make sure it helps enhance your home’s appearance.

While gutter guard  systems won’t keep out 100 percent of debris, they are still helpful in providing barriers of protection for your gutters.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance in Indianapolis, Indiana

Gutter Systems Maintenance

The cleaning routine of your gutters depends on where you live. In the Indianapolis area, it’s best to perform your gutter cleaning twice a year. Preferably, once in the fall and in the spring. Cleaning the downspouts should also be part of the maintenance plan. It’s best to start by cleaning all visible debris throughout the gutter system, make sure to use gloves and that the ladder is stable and properly placed.

You may also need a hose to clean those hard to reach areas. While performing the cleaning routine, you should also be inspecting the gutters and downspouts along the way. Look for signs of wear and tear, such as holes, sagging or dents.

Higher-quality gutter systems usually provide better protection. When installing a new system, many find that it’s cheaper to invest in a higher quality system and spend less in maintenance.

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