First things First, The Most Important Question: How Much Does It Cost To Paint My Indianapolis Exterior Home?

While you might think that the exterior home color maintenance is not necessary, you might want to think again. Maintaining the keep and color of your exterior home is a long term investment. Maintaining a great color component protects your home, when adding fresh paint you are reinforcing the exterior house durability. Additionally, you help increase the purchase cost value of your home.

When looking for a reliable painter , homeowners turn to us. We treat every home as its own exclusive project, because every home is different and requires specialized attention. From the inspection, prepping, materials and types of paint, every project varies. For example, some homes could have exterior trim damage and require fixing before painting and other homes simply need a touch up after a few years and the canvas is in good condition. All these factors and others do affect the estimate and final cost of your house project. We go into more detail below.

Factors That Affect Your Estimate and Final Price

  • The Condition of Your House Exterior: During our initial inspection, our inspector takes a look at all the typical components of your home. For an exterior paint job, they look at the front, back and sides of the home and inspect the siding, trim, windows and other exterior parts. If you have a two story home, we use our helpful ladder. What we are looking for is any signs of deterioration and approximate age and composition.
  • Surface Of Material: We need to know the finish of the material, for example siding has a rougher material and needs special paints and application methods. There are other surfaces, such as brick, stucco and even steel.
  • The Dimensions of Your Home: The build of your home includes the heights, width, number of windows, doors, porches, etc.
  • Paint Material and Color: Depending on what color and material you choose will affect your estimate. From glossy to semigloss paint and if you choose one color or different color types also affects the price.
  • Add-ons: if you only focus on the exterior of your home, you might also want to take care of your windows, porch and garage. These can be added into your estimate.

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Check Out Some Of Our Paint Jobs and Colors  [Prices updated 2022]

1 Story Trim Siding – Average Cost Between $2,000-$3,500. Paint Color: White Mauve SW.

1 story trim siding paint job by professional crew

2 Story Trim Siding – Average Cost $2,800 – $3,800. 2 Paint Colors use.

painting two story house exterior in Indianapolis IN

2 Story Trim and Siding. Average Cost $10,000-$15,000. 2 Paint Colors

2 story house painting job

2 Story Trim and Siding Paint Job. Average Cost $ 5,000-$10,000

front porch paint

When working on your exterior home colors for your Indianapolis home, we recommend painting your front door as a way to refresh your entrance. Your exterior can look new and inviting again when you paint your exterior front door. Your front doors are exposed to the outside elements every single day, plus your family uses it daily. Therefore, front door maintenance is a must.

Take A Look At Some Of The Most Favorable Exterior Door Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore – Amherst Gray

A classic gray color, while these are normally seen inside your home walls, you can extend the look to your front door. Amherst gray is a medium gray for those who want a nice balanced color between warm and cool and a great color option for your front door repaint.

paint color amherst gray color from benjamin moore

Sherwin-Williams – Naval

This Naval color is a classic and for a reason, naval by Sherwin Williams provides a nautical feel that has been proven to be timeless and makes your entrance pop against your other exterior colors.

sherwin williams naval interior exterior paint color option

Sherwin Williams – Peacock Plume

Peacock Plume is a light blue, teal hue for those who love a more cool blue hue. Peacock plume is for those looking for a vibrant, comforting look.

sherwin williams peacock plume historic color exterior and interior

Stonington Gray

benjamin moore stonington gray colo paint

Sherwin-Williams – Buoyant Blue

Buoyant blue is a light, baby blue color classified as a shade of mint. Buoyant blue pairs well with a white or light color exterior home and is a newer color perfect for newly established families.

buoyant blue by sherwin williams cool light paint color

Benjamin Moore – Dinner Party

Dinner party is a deep red which can add a bold look to your home and make your front door entrance pop. Red is a great choice when used along with neutral home exteriors.

dinner party benjamin moore red paint color

Vapor Trails

vapor trails 1556 benjamin moore paint color

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